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Convolve a specified synthetic beam (from an ALMA observations) to a user-provided map (e.g. from a simulation or observations with other instruments)


IDL> convolved_cube = salat_convolve_beam(data, beam)

Option Description Status
DATA A Cube or a frame (in FITS format; as a string) to be convolved with the ALMA beam required
PIXEL_SIZE The pixel size (i.e., sampling resolution) of the DATA (in arcsec). required
BEAM Beam parameters [major_axis, minor_axis, beam_angle] all in degrees. It can be a 3-element array (i.e., mean of the beam parameters), or a [3,nt] array for a time series (i.e., time-varying parameters). If the latter, then nt (numebr of frames) should be equal to that in the DATA cube. required
ALMA_CUBE The SALSA level4 data cube in FITS format. If provided, the beam parameters are extracted from this cube (i.e., the BEAM keyword is ignored). optional
Parameter Description
CONVOLVED Convolved Data cube or frame (same size as input DATA)
IDL> data = './bifrost_b3_frame400.fits'
IDL> pixel_size = 0.066 ; arcsec
IDL> alma_cube = './solaralma.b3.fba.20161222_141931-150707.2016.1.00423.S.level4.k.fits'
IDL> convolved = salat_convolve_beam(data, pixel_size=pixel_size, alma_cube=alma_cube)
IDL> sjim, data, /fits, w=4, iris='FUV', title='original input image'
IDL> sjim, convolved, w=6, iris='FUV', title='convolved image'

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