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💾 Installation

Install via git. The package requires IDL version > 8 and Python version > 3.

git clone

Update an existing installation to the newest version via:

git pull
Install via direct download. Alternatively, the SALAT package can be downloaded as a zip file. This way, the latest version should be downloaded and replaced with the older one manually. Please note the version of the packages and be aware that the routines are updated regularly.

Installation issues

Please let us know if you encounter any issues and/or if any tricks required, so we can add them here!


Add the SALAT/idl location to your IDL path (see here or here for tips on setting your IDL path).

To test the successful installation, start IDL in, e.g., your home directory:

IDL> .r salat

The package is successfully installed if the following is printed:

Solar Alma Library of Auxiliary Tools (SALAT) 
SALAT v1.1


Download the and save it in the folder you want to work in. Then, just follow examples