Reads in a SALSA level4 FITS cubes and provides information about the cube's dimension and other parameters stored as extensions, such as arrays of observing time, beam's size and angle.

IDL> alma = salat_read(cube, header=header, time=time, beam_major=beam_major, beam_minor=beam_minor, beam_angle=beam_angle)


Reads in a SALSA level4 FITS cubes and outputs selected important header's parameters with meaningful names as a structure.

IDL> alma_header = salat_read_header(cube)


Reads in a SALSA level4 FITS cubes and outputs basic statistics of the data cube (or a frame) as a structure and print them in terminal (optional). A histogram is also plotted (optional)

IDL> result = salat_stats(cube, /histogram)


Displays a timeline with missing frames and calibration gaps and outputs corresponding info (time indices)

IDL> result = salat_timeline(cube)


Prints some relevant information about the data cube in terminal

IDL> salat_info, cube


Plot a map with optional features: color legend, synthesised beam etc. and save images as JPG or PNG files (optional).

IDL> salat_plot_map, cube


Print statistics aboout synthesised beam and plot variation of the beam parameters with time.

IDL> salat_beam_stats, cube


Compute and plot "mean intensity" and "rms intensity contrast" of a cube and indicate bad/good frames based on a given threshold. Gaps (due to ALMA calibration routines) are marked with Red dashed lines.

IDL> bestframe = salat_contrast(cube, limit=limit, badframes=badframes, goodframes=goodframes)


Convolve a specified synthetic beam (from an ALMA observations) to a user-provided map (e.g. from a simulation or observations with other instruments)

IDL> convolved_cube = salat_convolve_beam(data, beam)


Create a CRISPEX cube from the ALMA fits cube (3D, 4D, or 5D) for quick inspections using the CRISPEX tool

IDL> salat_salsa_to_crispex, cube, savedir=savedir


Take a standard SALSA level 4 cube and convert it such that it is accepted by external viewers, such as CARTA.

IDL> salat_prep_data, cube, savedir=savedir