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Displays a timeline with missing frames and calibration gaps and outputs corresponding info (time indices)


IDL> result = salat_timeline(cube)

Option Description Status
CUBE The SALSA data cube in FITS format required
GAP Time difference in seconds that will be considered a gap (missing frames). Default: cadence*1.5 optional
TIME Name of a variable for observing time, in seconds from UTC midnight. format: float optional
STIME Name of a variable for observing time in UTC (optional). format: string optional
Parameter Description
RESULT Time index ranges of consequent sequences in the form of (n,2), where n is the number of consequent sequences.
IDL> cube = './solaralma.b3.fba.20161222_141931-150707.2016.1.00423.S.level4.k.fits'
IDL> result = salat_timeline(cube, time=time, stime=stime)
IDL> help, time, stime
TIME            FLOAT     = Array[1200]
STIME           STRING    = Array[1200]
IDL> print, time[result[0,1]], time[result[1,0]] ; time interval of first gap (if any)
      51871.0      51874.5

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