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This function makes map plot centered at (0,0) arcsec, save images as JPG or PNG files (optional).


>>> import salat
>>> salat.plot_map(almadata,beam,pxsize,cmap='hot',average=False,timestp=0,savepng=False,savejpg=False,outputpath="./")

Option Description Status Default
almadata Datacube as array from "salat_read". It can be 2D and 3D required
beam List with beam info as [bmaj,bmin,bang] from "salat_read" required
pxsize Pixelsize in arcsec from "salat_header" required
cmap String of colormap name optional hot
average If True, it plots the average image of a 3D cube optional False
timestp Integer, index of frame for plotting optional 0
savepng If True, it saves image in path as PNG optional False
savejpg If True, it saves image in path as JPG optional False
outputpath Directory path to save image optional ./
Parameter Description
fig Matplotlib plot of map is produced.

>>> import salat
#Plot map timestp=100 using colormap='jet' ans saving as jpg
>>> salat.plot_map(almadata,beam,pxsize,cmap='jet',average=False,timestp=100,savepng=False,savejpg=True,outputpath="./")
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-- Solar Alma Library of Auxiliary Tools (SALAT) --

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